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Christopher Li

Welcome to my site. To give a short introduction, I am currently a Computer Science and Mathematics Major at New York University. I work hard, live fully, and dream big. You can read more about me by scrolling through the resume, projects, and about me sections. Thanks for visiting!


Curriculum Vitae

Christopher Li

New York City, New York | cl6591@nyu.edu


  • B.A. Computer Science and Mathematics: New York University (2022 - Exp. 2026)
  • Relevant Coursework: Intro to CS, Data Structures, Calculus II, Discrete Mathematics


Software Engineer Intern | LearnTech Games

  • Developed multiple mini-games using C# and unity
  • Researched ways to visualize and gamify math exercises in an education technology setting

Software Developer and Member | Tech@NYU

  • Selected for tech treks cohort out of over 100 applicants
  • Developed backend for an application using mySQL and ReactJS that tracks outlets in certain buildings
  • Participated in mentorship program

CS101 Teaching Assistant

  • Serving as a teacher assistant for NYU's Introduction to Computer Science course, and developing strong relationships with students and colleagues, providing a positive and supportive learning environment.



  • Developed chrome extension that summarizes and translates news articles
  • Gained 30+ downloads

Height Matched Hoops

  • Ran two different basketball tournaments with over 100 participants each
  • Created and implemented a matchmaking algorithm using Java to pair similarly strengthed teams
  • Increased efficiency of tournament by 30 percent

Personal Website

  • Coded a personal website using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Personal Projects


Stats About Me


Current City:

New York City


San Jose, CA

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Favorite Sport:

Soccer (FĂștbol)

Favorite Book:

Dune by Frank Herbert

Favorite Movie:

The Martian

Thank You For Visiting My Website!

I hope I was able to give you a short insight to who I am and what I have been up to, as I look to build better projects, push more boundaries, and keep helping others.

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August 10, 2023

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